True Love

*creative writing class, this was about someone I fell hard for.  Written a few weeks before we started dating. I was already crazy about her.  I wanted to date her as soon as we were introduced.  She didn’t.  The line about dancing was about prom which was a few weeks after this was written. She never knew this one existed.*

You stole my heart the moment I saw you.

I’m captivated looking in your eyes.

I’m immobilized by all that you do.

When you aren’t around me my heart cries.

I never believed in love at first sight.

But with smiling eyes and dark auburn hair,

You’ve changed my opinions and made things right.

You’re a perfect beauty without a care.

The first moment I saw you my heart froze.

Under the moonlight we’ll dance the night away.

With you in my arms, my love for you grows.

I love you in ev’ry possible way.

You’re perfect because you’re the one I love.

You send my heart to the heavens above.

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