Under Your Thumb

*Someone so great you’re left spellbound. You’re better for caring about them. It’s hard to describe how they make you feel but it’s the best feeling in the world. They make you better and make you want to put effort into caring about them.*

It feels like I’m stuck between time and space.

The room’s spinning as my heart starts to race.

I’m starting to lose sight of what is real.

I only know the ways you make me feel.

My existence is on another plane,

One with endless pleasure and no more pain.

I feel perfect as I sit still and numb,

Just letting myself slide under your thumb.

When I look to the skies I see my heart.

You’ve turned my soul into a work of art,

A masterpiece truly worthy of you,

A goddess perfect in all that you do.

When I’m in these moods you’re all I think of.

Somebody so perfect I want to love.

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