Waiting for Rainbows

*About loneliness. Waiting for something to work out like how you’ve thought things would work out before with other people. And being sick of waiting.*

I’m waiting for a rainbow that won’t come,

For brighter shades in a world full of gray.

For feelings I’d enjoy when I succumb.

For a ray of light in a darkened day.

I’d take anything to ease all the pain,

To erase all the pictures I can see.

Images of you burn inside my brain.

The flames free you but they isolate me.

I’m alone in the darkness of my mind.

Thinking of what I can’t have in this life.

My head feels tattered and my heart confined,

Like my soul’s been slit by a hunting knife.

Waiting for a rainbow that’s overdue,

In the form of love I can start anew.

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