Wanting You In Another Life

*Someone you’d lust about but would completely want more with in an instant under different circumstances. Someone fun you shouldn’t want but who might want you in the same way…Maybe in another life.*

You’re just another piece.
Just another conquest.
Just another regret.
That’s what you tell yourself isn’t it?
Well maybe in another life.
But what is it that scares you?
Is it the passion when you kissed me?
Is it the way I look at you, thoroughly, through your soul?
Is it the way you feel when I hold you?
Or is it how you know what you can’t have.
Maybe in another life,
I would find you in my arms.
Not just for my comfort, but for the security you need.
For the feelings you bring out in me.
For what you do to me when I look at you.
Maybe in a sense you’re right about yourself though.
There’s not much I wouldn’t do.
The way your hips sway when you walk,
A woman like you doesn’t need to talk.
Is that what bothers you?
The way you want to make me feel?
The burning you sense when you’re in my arms.
Do you want that touch you just can’t have.
Or is it something more?
Do you want me like I want you.
It eats away at you doesn’t it?
Wanting what you can’t have.

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