What You Deserve, What I’ll Give You, & How We’ll Be Together

*This is actually a series of 3 sonnets.  They all drew inspiration from the same source. I wrote all three this morning.  The first two flowed in somewhat of a theme so I wrote the third to end it.  The first is basically saying “you deserve so much better than what you’ve had”.  The second is me attempting to be cute with the words and saying what I’d do if I was lucky enough, and the third was a continuation of the second only with more serious wording to emphasize how great things would be. They were written as separate sonnets so the —– marks where the next begins. Yes as usual these are inspired by…this isn’t a declaration of love..it’s my writing style i always do for people.*

Others don’t see the value in the chase.

Angelic light blinds the unworthy souls.

Heaven smiles when I see your pretty face.

A love with you should make any man whole.

You deserve such a better hand to hold.

You’re a queen who deserves to feel like one.

You deserve shelter from the hurt and cold.

Your radiance shines like the blazing sun.

Your caring smile could melt a frozen heart.

You’re a fireball dancing around my head.

You’ve deserved true love from the very start.

You deserve to hear all that I have said.

I would give you my life to see your smile.

I’d grab you by the hand and stay awhile.


If you were mine I’d do it all for you.

I’d fight off your demons and help you through.

I’d hold you close just to look in your eyes.

I’d kiss you to send your heart to the skies.

Every morning you’d wake up to a text.

I’d keep you guessing on what I’d do next.

You’d get flowers more than just a few days.

Oh how I love you, let me count the ways.

I’d always be here to lay by your side.

I want your heart on an endless joyride.

I want you to feel loved even in dreams.

I’ll take you dancing under the moonbeams.

I want you to live in infinite bliss.

I’d do anything to secure a kiss.


You’ll have perfection if I have a chance.

I will always treat you like a true queen.

I will shower you with endless romance.

You deserve to feel forever serene.

I’ll show you the meaning of perfect love.

I will treat you like the goddess you are.

I will care for you like a precious dove.

You will truly become my shining star.

I’ll lose myself when I look in your eyes.

I’ll make your heart quake when I hold you tight.

I will make you feel like a divine prize.

You’ll know how it feels to be treated right.

You have always been a princess to me.

I’ll do anything to set your heart free.

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