Who You Are

* It’s about figuring out what you’re supposed to do with yourself, how you’re supposed to be, how you’re supposed to act, the way you go with your life, but at the same time, dealing with a lot on your own and dealing with everyone else’s ridiculous expectations and demands whenever they need to use you.*


Walking down a twisted and lonesome road.

The reflecting light shows the path to take.

It’s so obvious but your mind is slowed.

You always fret about which choice to make.

They cannot see the struggling inside.

They don’t see the weight slowly crushing you.

They don’t know anything your smile can hide.

You can mask it all with the things you do.

They’re ungrateful for all you do for them.

It’s expected that you can save the world.

In darkness you’re supposed to be the gem.

In the end it all leaves you lost and whirled.

No one ever told you it would be fair.

When it’s over, they’ll be the ones who care.

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