Why You Should Truly Be Mine

* This is the real “mega-sonnet”…After thinking about it a little more I decided to actually post it on here.  It’s on the site www.coffeetablepoetry.com as well since I’ve submitted to them before when they had the “guest book” section on the blog.  102 lines, iambic pentameter, general structure of a Shakespearean Sonnet. I’ve been having trouble writing since. *


Loving you unleashes fury within.

Your spellbinding eyes free a tortured heart.

When we talk your soft words make my head spin.

Your perfection is unparalleled art.

My heart feels free but my mind feels bound tight.

An unrequited love leaves me like this.

I can’t comprehend how I feel so right.

My heart’s desire is one fiery kiss.

I want you in my arms under the stars.

I’ll be the one to shield you from the dark.

If you felt the same I’d never be far.

I’d give anything just to make that spark.

Your unrivaled beauty weakens my soul.

In my mind I want this weakness to change.

Without you my heart can never be whole.

Your torturous bliss makes my mind act strange.

Great dreams of you fill my head all the time.

Missing you is why I’m awake all hours.

When you look at me my world feels sublime.

I ache for a life that we can call ours.

I’ll always be there to give you shelter.

To win your heart I would walk through hell’s fires.

Thoughts of you would never let me swelter.

I’d do anything for my heart’s desire.

My love of you makes me feel like a god.

For your love I’d find a way to the moon.

Without your love I’m just another poor sod.

Just that I can think of you is a boon.

To win your heart I’d find a way to fly.

With your blessing I know I’d find the wings.

Without it I’m stuck to helplessly lie.

I’m your hopeless puppet caught by the strings.

I’m your marionette caught in the breeze.

My weak heart can’t fight a puppet master.

Only holding you would I feel at ease.

Only then would I cure this disaster.

I’d give the world for the touch of your lips.

I’ll do all you ask to hold your soft skin.

I’m helpless by the motion of your hips.

No matter what I try I cannot win.

With words I can’t hope to tame this devil.

But you leave me helpless to try to act.

I long for this love to reach new levels.

I don’t know how it can with my mind intact.

You’re a succubus controlling my world.

This love is poison running through my veins.

Soon this raging venom will leave me curled.

I pray my efforts are not made in vain.

The chance to be yours would be a godsend.

You’d be in my heart long after I’m dead.

This burning desire can’t possibly end.

You’re all that matters in this hopeless head.

The comfort you give is why I need you.

Your gorgeous smile lights up my very life.

That alone makes all this worth going through.

To me you’re worth all the anguish and strife.

I’m lucky you grace me with your beauty.

You give my weak heart cathartic release.

Making you feel perfect is my duty.

I desperately want you to feel this peace.

No words can truly express how I feel.

I’ve never felt so hopelessly in love.

Thoughts of you force my broken heart to heal.

To win you I’d scale the heavens above.

All the angels would not stand in my way.

All of God’s power would not be enough.

You’d give me the strength to fight them away.

You’ll get me through whenever times are rough.

All I ask is to return the favor.

I’ll be your knight in glistening armor.

This undying love will never waver.

I want to be more than just a charmer.

I want to be your rock and protector.

I want to be who gets to act as your shield.

I’ll love you even when we’re both specters.

My burning love for you will never yield.

The absence of your love makes my heart ache.

I need you to see how I love you so.

I need you to know how you make me quake.

I long for the chance to let this love grow.

I hate being snagged in these binding chains.

I dream of my heart being allowed out.

I want it to escape all of this pain.

I want it to make you free of all doubt.

I don’t even know how this all began.

I don’t know how you gained such a great hold.

All I know is I want to be your man.

I want to be your shelter from the cold.

When you’re with me you’ll never feel alone.

I’ll give you everything to make you smile.

You’ll be the queen I’ll call my very own.

I just want you to stay with me awhile.

When I’m with you I never want to leave.

You make me feel like I’m truly alive.

Without you my heart does nothing but grieve.

Without you my heart struggles to survive.

Your infinite beauty leaves me awestruck.

Your presence alone is all that I need.

Maybe loving you is a stroke of luck.

You have given my heart purpose to plead.

You deserve to feel like you’re on cloud nine.

All this is why you should truly be mine.

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Truly Be Mine

    1. no, when I started writing it I knew it was going to be longer so I just used the theme of ababcdcdefefghghijij and so on and so on but ended it with a couplet to kind of keep it in the shakespearean sonnet’s structure. The whole thing is supposed to keep going instead of being stuck in the 14 line segments.

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