*About someone you should clearly be with whose with someone else instead. They know you’re the better option but they refuse to be happy. You’re “wrong” but in reality it’s really the other person that’s wrong for her.*


Why is she really going out with him?

Why can’t she see how her light stays so dim?

Her radiance is betrayed by her trust.

When all she deals with is contempt and lust.

I’d give her the world if I had the chance.

Words of beauty with acts of pure romance.

She’s all I want and all I’d ever need.

Why doesn’t she just let herself be freed?

She even knows that she belongs with me.

She knows that she can be all she should be.

I’d give her the tools and help her along.

I’ll be what’s right despite being what’s wrong.

She’ll always be my world no matter what,

My glimmer of light that will never shut.

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