Will You?

*Someone you’ve fallen hard for after a long period of feeling alone. You’re wondering if they’ll be the one and if they’ll stay because you know you would do anything for them. You just know you don’t want to lose them. They’re your world.*


What happens when the thrill washes away?

The thrill that comes from infatuation.

Will you still gaze upon me the same way,

Or still find humor in my flirtation?

I know I would move mountains just for you.

You are the essence that completes my soul.

There is no fire that I would not walk through.

You’re what it takes to make my heart feel whole,

But do you see a future where we last?

Will we get our own happy ending,

Or will I get deserted in the past?

My heart was tattered before your mending.

I was chained until you became the key.

I will always want you to be with me.

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