Wind of Change

*About when it doesn’t work out and the thought process of trying to rationalize just who a person really is.  After understanding people change or might not be who you think they are, there is the realization that life goes on so you should just make the best of it and have fun.*


The universe is crashing around me.

Memories seem to be fading to black.

At at time my heart seemed like it was free.

A vision of you is what I still lack.

It seems people change as the seasons do.

Comfort cannot exist in your dark eyes.

I don’t know what I see when I see you.

I used to think you were the perfect prize.

There was a time when the future was gold.

There was a time when holding you felt right.

There was a time I never dreamt we’d fold.

There was a time you were the perfect sight.

People will change like the wind and the tide.

Life will go on so I’ll enjoy the ride.

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