Wingless Angel

* About someone too good to be true. They keep you up at night and you think about them when you look up at the sky, and wonder how they’re down here without their wings. You’re crazy for them.*

I’m awake in late hours and you’re on my mind.
The day I learn to sleep is the day you’re not in my head.
I can look out to the stars and see your face in the heavens.
Your radiance shines brighter than the thousands of suns I can see.
Your warmth is stronger than the supernovas that kill the stars.
My love for you is limitless like the space they occupy.
Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s all really a dream.
I love a wingless angel, who truly blesses me.
The grace of your presence is all I need.
The sight of you is celestial.
My love for you is eternal.
I can stay up till the sun rises and it wouldn’t be as beautiful as you.
The morning sun can be calming, but not nearly like you.
Your inner light is brighter then the shining dawn.
Your smile alone is the only light I need.
A light for the darkness that surrounds me in the blackest nights.
A light for when I’m alone in the fading dusk.
My wingless angel, too good for this world.
I’ll love you always, past when the stars explode.

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