*About being infatuated with someone gorgeous and how hard it is to look away sometimes. And wondering how they don’t notice how nervous you are around them.*

When I look at you I feel my heart shake.
Your beauty alone can make my knees quake.
It’s hard not to lose myself in your eyes.
Winning you over would be quite the prize.
Your doe-like eyes ensnare my beating heart.
Your glowing smile is what sets you apart.
I’m lost in bliss when I can look at you.
I am enamored by all that you do.
I still wonder when I’ll get myself caught.
A beauty like yours could never be bought.
I wish it weren’t so easy to stare,
But you’re breathtaking with your chestnut hair.
A beautiful body and perfect face.
It’s no wonder how you make my heart race.

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