*The 200th love poem on the site. I wanted to do a traditional Shakespearean Sonnet instead of my usual couplet scheme. It has references to the “Eternal Love” poem I wrote as the 100th on the site and longest poem I’ve done. It’s a declaration for what you would strive to do for someone you really care about. You would do anything for them, even if they don’t feel the same way. The couplet isn’t meant to be read as an affirmation that the other person feels the same way, just that your feelings wouldn’t change no matter how they take it.*

In this battlefield I will never yield.

When it comes to you I will always fight.

I will do all I can to be your shield,

To be your warmth in the coldest of nights.

I’ll be your anchor in the stormy sea.

I’ll be the wings that lift you to the clouds.

I’ll be the fire that melts your chains free,

And the voice that takes you out of the crowds.

The voice that guides you to that special place.

I will craft the words that you need to hear,

The words that will shoot your heart into space.

The words that will make your pain disappear.

You’ll always be the goddess I dream of.

You will always be my eternal love.

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