Worlds Apart

*About someone who comes out of nowhere and completely wins you over. You’re really into them and you want to make them feel the same way, the faster the better.*


I see a new light when I look at you.

I’m left hypnotized by all that you do.

Looking into your eyes fills me with bliss.

I could find true happiness in your kiss.

Your caring heart could soothe any hurt soul.

A love with you could make any man whole.

You could make any man freeze with your gaze.

Your heartwarming smile puts me in a daze.

I’ve never seen such a beautiful heart.

Compared to the rest, you are worlds apart.

You’ve caused butterflies to stir within me.

You grant a happiness that sets me free.

I felt lost and confused before you came.

One day I hope to make you feel the same.

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